Friday, April 17, 2015

Where: Berlin

Where: Berlin
Eat: at one of the city's amazing cafes. My personal favorite was the breakfast tower at Cafe Anna Blume for breakfast, Frau Mittenmang for dinner.
Sleep: in an AirBnB Prenzlauer Berg. It provides easy access to cool cafes, trendy night clubs and downtown shopping.
Drink: All the German beer you can. Feeling divey? Check out Hackbarth's. Feeling like a Hipster? Go to Mein Haus Am Se.
Do: take the city's public transportation. German efficiency at it's finest. Also consider downloading Rick Steves' Berlin city walk podcast, you won't regret it.
When: Over New Year's Eve. I guarantee you will never experience a more wild night. Expect to be celebrating well into the next morning.
Wear: Your most edgy, eclectic street style. Nothing is off limits in this town.

Reichstag Building Berlin


Restauration 1900

Berlin Central Train Station

Brandenburg Gate

Breakfast tower at Cafe Anna Blum

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