Sunday, September 18, 2016

Weekend Wellness 09.18.16

What brings you joy?
Happy Sunday! I hope you are having a peaceful start to your morning. This week the focus is on finding joy. I personally get a lot of joy out of a quiet Sunday morning with my cup of coffee. This is usually the time where I do my weekly planning, which really helps me stay on track for the days head. Setting intentions, goals, and plans in the peace and quiet of my home (and in my PJs) really sets the tone for the week. What brings you joy?

Friday, September 2, 2016

HIGH & LOW: Face Wash

Best Face Wash

fresh vs. simple

High: Fresh Soy Face Cleanser; Price: $38.00
Low: Simple Moisturizing Face Wash; Price: $4.69
Verdict: Both of these options are great for sensitive skin, a necessary element for any product in my skincare routine. They both also have similar textures, which is creamy and gel-like at the same time. I also love how well the Fresh face wash removes makeup; however, at $38 per bottle, it quickly adds up. So, my trade-off is to use Simple as my day-to-day wash and keep a travel/trial size version of Fresh. It's a nice little luxury when I am traveling and missing the convenience of having all of my products at my disposal.

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