Monday, August 29, 2016

Time & Change

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Blogger with Sunflowers

Virginia Wineries

Virginia Wineries

Change. It’s something that we are told to embrace, yet feared by many. Why do so many people dread change? Is it that our minds automatically assume the worse and that any change, will result in a lesser situation? Or is it that we are afraid of how hard the process of change will be? Or is it the discomfort that lies with the unknown? Whatever the reasoning, there is truth in the saying that "people are creatures of habit," and when pushed from our routine, things can get uncomfortable. 

So as time changes, seasons begin to change, and we all inevitably begin to change, I’ve put a lot of thinking lately into how to best deal. I definitely don't have the answers on this, but I just keep going back to a quote from a favorite #girlboss of mine, Jillian Michaels. In her epic Yoga Meltdown video she forcefully reminds us to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. With my marching orders from Jillian, I'm seeking to thrive in the discomfort.

Have an inspiring advice to share on coping with change? Let me know in the comments.


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