Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Five: Wine Edition

Happy #FRIYAY, ya'll. This week's Friday Five is dedicated to my favorite beverage and pastime (yes, it's both): WINE. Whether your only experience with wine is a Tour de Franzia or you're going for Sommelier status, the below roundup of links definitely has helpful tips for every wine drinker, regardless of your palate. 

1. NPRWine Wisdom With A Wink: A Slacker's Guide To Selecting Vino. This story provides a handy little infographic to help you select a wine depending on your taste and situation. Yes, 3 liter box wine and 2 buck chuck are both options in this flow chart.

2. Wall Street Journal: How to Blind Taste Wine Like a Sommelier. An article for a more experienced drinker that includes lots of helpful little tips to remember when you're out tasting, like a Pinot Noir will almost always be lighter than a Cabernet. Same with a Pinot Grigio versus a Chardonnay.

3. Tasting Table: The best wines for Spring, 2015. I love this guide. It gives you options for brunch, picnics, Mother's Day, and even a date night with yourself. Because you know, #Treatyoself

4. Wine Mag: Wine for Beginners. This nice little article will walk you through what it's like to go through your first wine tasting (a favorite weekend activity of mine) and let you know what to expect.

5. Eater - Ask a Somm: Can I Send Wine Back If I Don't Like It? The short answer: yes, but don't be a jerk about it.


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