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Woman of Style: Cori Imbrigiotta

Cori Imbrigiotta + Julie Walsh
Cori + Julie circa summer 2014
Today I am excited to announce the start of a new series: Women of Style. This series will appear from time to time on Fridays and will profile power women following their dreams, making a difference and being an all around BOSS. 

I'm honored that the first profile is on one of my best friends and style muse, Cori Imbrigiotta. Cori is the co-owner of Haven Style House, a boutique located in Cleveland, Ohio. Haven was recently named Cleveland's Best Boutique by Cleveland Scene, a testament to the hard work Cori and her partner Anne Rutter have done since the store opened in 2012. Read below for Cori's advice on starting a business, her favorite spring/summer trends and what's next for her business.

Name: Cori Imbrigiotta

Title: sister, stylist + owner of Haven 

Best piece of advice you've ever received? Stay calm, always keep the big picture in mind and treat everyone with kindness. Oh, and have confidence and faith in your vision. 

Icon/role model? That's a tough one, I am a big believer in finding inspiration everywhere so I have a lot of icon's [ style + otherwise ] and role models. To keep it easy, I would say my style icons are Linda Rodin and Olivia Palermo. Both women have real style and they know how express their authentic selves through their style.  

What's next for you, your business? Another tough one! Haven has been an evolution. It has changed over the years and I have changed with it. What's remained the same is the value we've always placed in simplicity and authenticity. So I guess the answer would be continued growth - wherever that leads us! We are also on the verge of a new [and warmer] season so there will be a new Spring and Summer collection that I love and really believe in. We have also been doing a ton of work on the website and our blog / vlog so that we can be even more connected with our friends and customers. So more of that is coming up! 

Cori Imbrigiotta
Cori wearing the Crew Love Blazer
What motivates you? I am motivated by my love of style. I really believe that it is a crucial form of self expression and that it connects people. I feel very lucky that I have been able to help women express and sometimes even find their "style voice." I am also motivated by the genuine kindness and support given to us by our friends, family and customers. It's a very cool thing. 

How do you make decisions? I just do. I don't really think too much. I try to trust my gut. Over thinking things could be the end of me. 

Favorite item in your closet right now? My favorite accessory is a watch I wear everyday. It was my grandpa's. My favorite piece of clothing has to be this Ivory, black rope detailed blazer. I am a jacket girl. [Cori's favorite jacket pictured on the right and available via Haven.] 

What fashion trend are you most feeling right now? Staying on the jacket trend - suiting! Spring suiting is everywhere - in blazers, in vests, in dresses and I am all over it. There is something very empowering about a well - tailored blazer, vest or dress. 

Biggest fashion faux paus you've made? Ill fitting clothing and clothing that just isn't my style. I am a big believer that you have to dress for your body type and stay true to your personal style. I've been guilty of falling into trends I should have steered clear of. 

How would you describe yourself in 3 words, your style in 3 words? 
ME :: caring, optimistic, grateful. 
STYLE :: modern, minimal and a little mix and match-ey. 

What's the most challenging aspect of being a business owner? The most challenging aspect would probably be being forced to pave your own way. There is no guide I am following, there's no one telling me what to do and how to do it and there's no way to really know if I am doing it the right way. That's also one of the best parts.
Favorite way to unwind at the end of a long day? I love my TV. I also love a relaxing meal or a nice walk.

How would you describe your leadership style? Constantly changing. I am not a natural born leader. To be honest - I don't really think of myself like that. I just try to make a genuine connection with people. 

Best book you've ever read? #GIRLBOSS :) 

Cori Imbrigiotta + Anne Rutter
Cori Imbrigiotta + Anne Rutter, Owners, Haven Style House

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