Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Beauty Vlogger Roundup

Beauty products and tulips

Thanks to a couple of my girlfriends, I have become totally obsessed with watching beauty videos lately. It all started when my makeup guru friend sent me a list of beauty vloggers she likes. A few hours [[and many videos]] later I was hooked. I love seeing the transformation from start to finish and I always feel like I'm learning something along the way. After watching many videos I felt inspired to post on my favorites. Keep reading below for the list of my current favorite beauty vloggers with bonus links of my favorite tutorials included.

1. Charlotte Tilbury: After watching her videos I want all of her products. It's probably for the best her line isn't sold at Sephora/readily available in the states because I would be completely broke. Bonus: her video on Amal Clooney's wedding makeup is absolutely stunning.
2. Lisa Eldridge: Currently Eldridge serves as global creative director for Lancome, but her beauty resume is long - almost as long as her list of celebrity clients. Double Bonus: all of her videos are fantastic, but I am partial to her two Audrey Hepburn looks.
3. Pixiwoo: this sister duo has a video for everything. Want to look like Taylor Swift? They have a video for that. What about crazy Halloween makeup? Yep, a ton of videos on that too. Bonus: their video on how to fill in your eyebrows is super fun, especially since they model the brow shapes after some well-known celebrities.
4. Tati Westbrook: I love Tati's First Impressions series. If you ever wondered what La Mer or Tom Ford feels like on your face, Tati has you covered. Because I was just having a discussion about the outrageous cost of Christian Louboutin lipstick, my bonus link goes to her review of it.

So there you have it, my four leading ladies of beauty vlogs. Who are some of your favorite vloggers and what are your must-watch tutorials?

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