Friday, April 24, 2015

DIY SPA Experience

I love creating little luxuries at home because even though I'd enjoy spending every weekend in a spa, my bank account assures me that is not realistic. To bring the zen home, I recreate a spa like atmosphere in by pouring myself a glass of wine, turning the lights low, putting on a relaxing Spotify playlist, lighting some candles and drawing myself a hot bath. These are some of my most calming moments when I can really be still and clear my mind.

So when it came time to do a little gift swap with some girl friends, I wanted to literally box up my at home spa experience and share it with them. I put all of my favorite little luxuries into one adorable white and gold box from Paper Source with fun little instructions for each. 

Keep scrolling for details and let me know in the comments how you create your little moments of luxury at home!

DIY Spa Experience
I always keep mason jars around the house for situations like this. Whether I'm whipping up a new smoothie or creating a DIY beauty product, they are my storage go-to. Also, if you haven't tried a lush bath bomb, stop everything you are doing and immediately try it out. Two words: GAME CHANGER.
Craft supplies
When I give a gift I like to stick to themes. Both a color theme for the wrapping and packaging and a theme for the gift. Obviously here I am channeling zen, white and gold (before it was an internet meme). 
White and Gold Polka Dots
Burlap wine sack
The flip side of this cheeky label says Drink Me! 
DIY Lemon Sugar Scrub
This lemon sugar scrub comes from another blog I follow, One Good Thing by Jillee (link below). The recipe is so simple and uses ingredients everyone has around the house. Best of all... it totally works.

Spa Contents

Supplies & Packaging

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  1. What a lovely idea to recreate a relaxing spa experience at home! I think you have everything that goes well with it: a good glass of wine, light music, and a warm bath. I especially like your little collection of spa trinkets and stuff. They are very cute, and make for good displays. Cheers!

    Leena Wolf @ H2O Spas



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