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In the world of fast-fashion and ready-to-wear it's easier than ever to recreate our favorite celebrity and Kate Middleton looks. However there is one big difference: they all have access to some of the best tailors and seamstresses in the world which is why they always look impeccable on the streets, even when just wearing basics. So how do you decide what to tailor when you don't have a Kim Kardashian sized budget? Start with the pieces you wear the most and have invested some money in. Avoid trendy pieces and think classics. Don't waste money trying to tailor an item that's in vogue this season but will likely be out the next. In other words, if it got it at Forever 21, don't even think about it. You'll likely pay more in tailoring than you did for the original garment. Consider items that you wear multiple times in a month.


With the right tailor, just about anything can be done. However, if you are new to tailoring I would start small, i.e. lowering or raising a hemline, changing the waist band, etc. My absolutely favorite tailoring trick for making any pair of pants look like the fit better: have the pockets removed. I don't have a single pair of trousers that still have the pockets left in them. I always have the seamstress cut them out and sew them closed so that they lay flush along the hip. Pants that have the pockets can pucker, which instantly adds width to the hip area and looks ill-fitting. My other favorite insider tip: if you are between sizes in two pants, opt for the larger size and have them taken in. That way you know you'll have enough fabric to make the changes, versus opting for the other route which can end poorly. 


This is the toughest question of all, as a good tailor can be hard to come by. If you have never had anything tailored I suggest checking your local Yelp! reviews and asking friends for a recommendation. If that search doesn't yield much, then when in doubt take advantage of that world class Nordstrom customer service. Head to your local Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack, as they have on-site tailoring that you know will do a good job. Just be aware: if you did not purchase the garment there, tailoring can be a little extra. But you'll pay more knowing you'll get a quality Nordstrom-approved product in the end.

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