Friday, January 22, 2016

[RECIPE] Simple Date Night Dinner

tomato, basil, ricotta pasta

Maybe it's the cold weather, maybe it's my need to decompress after a long week, but lately on Friday nights instead of going out after work I've been coming home and unwinding with a nice homemade meal and glass of wine. Usually, the weekend includes the coveted date night out and the opportunity to try some new restaurants in town. But I've been so drawn to the relaxing comfort of home that date night has started to take place in our apartment instead of a newly opened bodega or corner cafe. 

While on the hunt for a perfect date night dinner, I came across this New York Times recipe for a pasta with fresh mint, cherry tomatoes and pancetta. It looked amazing but felt too much like a fresh, summer dish than a warm and hearty winter recipe. So, I swapped out the mint for basil and voila! The most easy, delicious date night dish was created.

This dish can be prepared in a million ways, using whatever you have on hand or to your dietary needs. The original NYT recipe calls for fusilli pasta, but I had whole wheat shells on hand and used that instead. Also, the NYT version says the ricotta is optional, but I would NOT leave it out. It melts instantly on top of the warm dish and makes it so creamy while the scallions provide a nice crisp bite to finish.

Head over to the link above for a full list of ingredients and a great video on how to prepare. I promise you will love this simple and quick recipe.

What else are you cooking at home? Let me know in the comments below!

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