Thursday, March 3, 2016

[Recipe] Sweet & Salty Breakfast Parfait

Breakfast Parfait

I'm not a morning person but I love breakfast food, it's my favorite meal of the day. During the weekday rush my breakfast needs to be a "grab and go" meal, which means I likely need to prepare it in advance (a.k.a the night before). Also, planning and preparing my meals in advance ensures I'll make a good food decision that will keep my energy high all morning instead of sugar crashing on something less healthy. I've been trying out a couple of new recipes lately and had a lot of leftover ingredients in my pantry, which I would normally just find a way to incorporate them into a breakfast smoothie. However, I recently changed up my breakfast game to include parfaits and I think I've found the perfect sweet and salty breakfast combo.

Here's the scoop on my new go-to breakfast:

2 Tbs of granola [I like Open Nature's Chocolate Hazelnut Heaven]
1/2 Tbs of pumpkin seeds [raw, unsalted]
1/2 Tbs of sunflower seeds [raw, unsalted]
1 Tb of dried fruit [dried cherries & berries featured here]
1/2 c of yogurt [I like Fage Total 0 Greek Yogurt]

Also, if you are really into prepping your meals in advance I recommend putting all the dry ingredients into a snack-size bag and the yogurt into one of these little containers. This parfait is the perfect blend of sweet and salt which also makes it an awesome snack to have on hand when mid-day sugar craving kicks in. Bon Appetit!

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