Monday, July 25, 2016


Everyone deals with their emotions differently. I, however,  buy them. I’ll admit it, shopping is my emotional safety net. Get a promotion? Time to shop! In a mood? Better go shop to clear your mind. While there are certainly worse habits to have, you have to be careful that you don’t drive yourself into debt by buying your emotions. So, to help combat the impulse purchase, I’ve started asking myself these three questions before I buy ANYTHING.

Do I have someplace to wear this?

Do this to stop over-spending

I get it. Sometimes you see something on the hanger that looks so beautiful you just have to have it. But before you whip out your card to pay for it, ask yourself, do you realistically have someplace to wear this to, and ways to repurpose it with other outfits? I know sometimes you really want to buy something new (think birthdays, attending a wedding, etc.), but if you don’t think you’ll wear the item past that ONE event, ask yourself if you really need it. Or, consider a more affordable route, like renting something similar.

Do I own something similar?

Do this to stop over-spending

This is an easy habit to fall into. You have an item in your closet that you love so much that you unintentionally are drawn to other items similar. I tend to do this most with accessories. But then, before you know it you have a whole closet of basically the same item and you’re left feeling like you have “nothing to wear.” I’m all for creating a curated wardrobe, but every piece should be a little unique and special from the other.

Can I wear this with something I already own?

Do this to stop over-spending

This is the most important question that I ask and is key to building out a functional wardrobe. I try to never buy something that doesn’t already fit into my existing pieces, because if you have to buy multiple other pieces to make that one piece work, it gets expensive quickly.

So, there you have it. These are my three questions I ask myself before I buy anything to keep my spending in check.

How do you keep from overspending on impulse purchases? Let me know in the comments!

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