Sunday, July 31, 2016

Introducing Weekend Wellness

Weekend Wellness

Baton Rouge, Istanbul, Orlando, Dallas, Munich. 

These are only just a FEW of the cities that have experienced tragedy and violence within the past few WEEKS. Every morning I almost dread reading the news. The constant acts of hate that fill the daily headlines have left me desensitized. For the first time ever, I felt uncomfortable in a crowded theater watching a Broadway show. It just felt like so many of the other news stories that I read; horrible acts of violence occurring at common gathering places. Sometimes the world can feel overwhelming and the ability to bring change feels impossible. While I don’t pretend to believe that a few positive messages can change the world, I do believe that on an individual level, changing your thinking can change your life. So, in my small attempt to put some happiness and thoughtfulness back into the world, I am introducing the Weekend Wellness series to W&W. On Sunday’s I’ll post a thought provoking question in effort to jumpstart the week with some positive vibes. I’ll answer my own question and encourage others to do the same. Whether you respond only internally to generate mindfulness or publicly comment on the post to uplift yourself and others, let’s just all take some time to bring a little more peace into our lives.

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